In a media release that went on Wednesday, it was confirmed that the Longview, Texas Police Department has arrested a physician on indictments regarding the sexual abuse of a child.

The man charged is 59-year-old Dr. Matt Hipke of Longview, TX. He has been indicted on various counts of sexual abuse.
More specifically, detectives with the Longview Police Department sought to locate Dr. Hipke. He was found and then arrested on June 7 at around 5 p.m. There are two grand jury indictment warrants associated with Dr. Hipke for 'continuous sexual abuse of a child.' And in this case? The victim is under 14-years-old.

Dr. Hipke was booked into the Gregg County Jail, and according to a press release, he did not attempt to resist.

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Adding to the difficult nature of his charges, Dr. Hipke was already out on bond from his arrest back in August of 2020. He'd been arrested then for two counts of the same: continuous sexual abuse of a child. Again, the child was under 14-years-old.

Although it's surreal to come across stories like this and ponder what on earth happened to bring an individual to allegedly engage in acts such as this, what adds to the strangeness is looking back and reading reviews from those who had once been in his care.

Reading back to years ago when Dr. Hipke hadn't had his practice for very long, there's a section on Yelp where he himself (apparently) describes his own business.

Here is some of what was shared there:

"I have 'grown' from a full Internal Medicine practice to now having cared for over 4600 teenagers. Adolescent Medicine has been very rewarding since I have taken a 'total health and wellness approach in my practice.


In fact, Life Skill Visits have become famous as I seem to have become the go-to physician in the area for tween and teen boys with a history of abuse.  My job is to empower them to get their lives on track.  They like it because they have their own doctor/life coach/advisor/advocate all under one roof."

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. However, If these charges turn out to be confirmed and he is found guilty in a court of law, what a sad irony this truly is.

Hipke’s license to practice medicine was suspended in relation to this investigation in August of 2020, according to the Longview PD press release.

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