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Yes, it appears as if something is definitely going on at the old Ethan Allen building at 815 WSW Loop 323 in Tyler, Texas.

I've got a direct message to the old Ethan Allen building -

You're doing your best to keep a secret. That secret you are holding back will soon be out and let's hope it's exciting news! You've been sitting there rotting away for so long, you deserve something exciting and new. Now that you're starting to tease us with a cute new banner hanging below your fading sign, let's hope this is really cool and that your owner isn't just playing with us!

It was right about a week ago when I drove by the abandoned Ethan Allen building that I noticed some activity out front. There were a couple of guys loading some very old carpet onto a trailer. After stopping in, being inquisitive, and asking some questions I learned that the building has apparently been sold or leased out to a new tenant.

The two other gentlemen in the building that I spoke with said there were changes coming, but they could not reveal any plans for the building's future.

Driving by yesterday afternoon I noticed a cute vinyl banner had been hung below the fading sign of the building. A yellow banner with two huge eyes being flanked by three question marks on each side is now hanging up along Loop 323.

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1
Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

What could it mean? I have no clue, but this is one location that I will be following the progress of because it is great to finally see some kind of activity at this location.  The building will be cleaned up, the landscape manicured, and it will appear much cleaner.

I'll update as I see progress being made. But so far it's been quiet since those guys were pulling out the carpet last week and, for now, the secret is still safe with those other two gentlemen!  But we'll know what the plans are eventually.

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