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An old marriage test from the 1930s is making the rounds on social media and the responses show just how much times have changed when it comes to gender roles.

One thing is for sure, I'm already a marriage failure, but I wouldn't have stood a change in 1939, which is when this marriage 'test' came out. According to this, women shouldn't wear red nail polish, should let their husbands sleep in on the weekend, and come to breakfast already made up for the day. On top of that, wives should be able to play a musical instrument, be a good housekeeper, take care of the kids and run any big purchases by their keeper, I mean husband, first.

There's no doubt I would have been burned at the stake by these standards. I don't like cleaning so I pay someone else to do it. I only cook when I feel like it and you can only count on me having the important parts covered, possibly with the addition of lipstick and mascara on, when I hit the door in the morning. The only thing I have going for me is that I can play the oboe, which is the equivalent of a duck call, so there's that. I may be a valuable commodity during duck season.

As for the men, they had things much easier. They were considered a good husband if they were nice to their wife in private as well as in public. If guys were nice to their wife's friends, let her drive the car when she needed to borrow it and remembered their anniversary, they were winning!

I won't lie. Some of these 'standards' were so laughable to me, I had to ask my social media friends about it and I wasn't alone in falling short of being the perfect candidate for marital bliss back in the day. Read what they had to say in the post below and feel free to give me a follow and add your comments as well!

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