A man is dead after a domestic disturbance call lead to an officer-involved shooting in Smith County on Saturday, according to a press release from the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

On Saturday, January 28, 2023 at approximately 7:05 pm, the Smith County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a domestic disturbance in the 23000 block of County Road 459. This area is in the extreme northwestern portion of Smith County. The caller identified herself as the victim of an assault by her boyfriend at their residence. Several Smith County Sheriff’s Patrol deputies responded to the disturbance with the first unit arriving at 7:29 pm. Emergency Medical Services arrived in the area at 7:15 pm and staged near the residence.

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Upon the arrival of the responding deputies, the victim’s boyfriend, identified as thirty two year old Brandon Duvall, had left the area in his vehicle at a high rate of speed, losing control of his vehicle at the end of his driveway as it intersects with Smith County Road 459. Duvall’s vehicle struck a power pole which knocked out electricity to several houses in the area.

A search was conducted for Duvall by responding deputies and he was not located at that time. Subsequent to taking the report and making arrangements for the victim to leave the residence for the night all responding deputies left the area. The victim changed her mind and refused to leave the residence upon deputies arranging for a hotel room for the night.

Later on that evening at 9:22 pm Smith County Sheriff’s Deputies again responded to the location.

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At 9:22 pm the same evening, a female caller identifying herself as the mother of Brandon Duvall first called Wood County 911 and was given the main number to Smith County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch by Wood County 911. She stated that she was not at the location, but her husband called her and she could hear Brandon beating his girlfriend as she was screaming and that he was also threatening his father.

Smith County Sheriff’s Deputies again responded to the location. The caller
stated that there were firearms in the house but didn’t know if he had a firearm at the time. The first two responding deputies arrived at the location at 9:34 pm. At 9:35 pm, one of the deputies notified Smith County dispatch that shots were fired. At 9:36 pm Emergency Medical Services was dispatched code as CPR was being administered to Brandon Duvall. At 9:55 pm Brandon Duvall was determined to be deceased.

The Texas Rangers Will Investigate The Shooting.


Smith County officials determined that upon entering the residence via the front door, which enters into the living room of the residence, the two deputies observed Brandon Duvall in a bedroom to the right of the living room. The deputies observed a rifle with a scope leaning against the bed next to Duvall and a pistol in his hand. As he pointed the pistol in the direction of the deputies, both deputies fired at Duvall, striking him several times.

As is standard protocol for officer involved shootings by Smith County Sheriff’s Office
personnel, the Texas Rangers were contacted to conduct an independent investigation of the incident. Smith County Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 Jon Johnson held an inquest and ordered the body of Brandon Duvall be taken to Forensic Pathology for an autopsy.
Both deputies have been placed on administrative leave, as is also Sheriff’s Office protocol, until it is determined they are ready to return to duty.

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