Its super easy to forget in our rush to get home and get comfortable. We jump out of the car and immediately head indoors forgetting to secure our vehicles. In our "comfort" we also forget that we leave some our most valuable items inside of the car like cash.

Because most of us (I say us because I'm guilty of it too) forget to our lock our doors at night, its easy work for thieves who can simply open the door and help themselves to our stuff.

Unfortunately, someone or some folks were busy in the overnight and early morning hours taking advantage of that "comfort" and "forgetfulness" on Wednesday (August 11th) in Mt. Pleasant as police there reported on their Facebook page that over 40 vehicles were broken into.

According to police, ALL of the vehicles that were reported broken into had left their cars and trucks UN-locked. Mt. Pleasant police went on to add that the crooks made off with cash, guns and other items.

Mt. Pleasant Police are now using this a teaching lessons to remind folks to protect their possessions by remember the simple act of locking your doors at night. They are also asking residents that haven't reported a break in to not be embarrassed about getting caught slipping.

If you have information or found that your vehicle was broken into and have not made a report, contact Mount Pleasant PD at 903-575-4004. Select the option for dispatch to make a report or select the option for Criminal Investigations to give a Detective information.

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