Seriously, the struggle is real. P90X3 is not only intense, but it's time consuming. 

You would think that 30 minutes a day is not too bad, and truly it's not until you factor in the personal grooming aspects before and after the workout. This is why I couldn't actually do the longer workouts.

It would take two hours with the showering, blow-drying, dressing hair styling and make application that occurs after each session. The struggle is real.

In Week 5, I'm getting used to feeling a little sore, losing sleep and making time for the workouts. Rumor has it that if you can consistently do something for more than 28 days it becomes a habit. Some would challenge it's more like 66. Today is my 32nd day of P90X3.

I've done pretty well at sticking to the schedule, although some days I have opted for a less intense workout if I wasn't feeling up to something advanced. Yesterday was the perfect example. I was scheduled to to Triometrics. It's not the easiest. It's like Plyometrics, but with three different intensities. Here's a look at some Plyo...

Instead of doing the Triometrics yesterday, I did the X3 Yoga. I then did the yoga workout again this morning. Tomorrow I'm slated to Eccentric Lower at 6:00 a.m. I looked at workout last night to see what I was getting myself into, and it looks like a lot of slow moving lifts with some intense bursts. It should be interesting!

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