I remember that feeling of my heartbreaking for Granger Smith's family when news broke that his youngest son River drowned in their family pool. Unfortunately, with the heat ramping up in the south we will hear of many people spending time near the pool or at the lake. Are your children equipped with the knowledge to stay safe?

Four years ago I learned all about Infant Swimming Resource lessons. ISR was founded in 1966 and they give survival swimming lessons for infants and young children.

Kim Utley really wanted her kids to know what to do if they ever fell in a pool, so she researched and put her kids through the ISR classes even though it was a 170-mile round trip. She realized that she needed to be the one to bring the ISR classes to the East Texas area and hundreds of parents in East Texas are happy she did.

Kim Utley
Kim Utley

According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death in the entire world, with over 372,000 drowning deaths reported every single year. In the U.S. 76% percent of drowning deaths involved children younger than 5 years old and 67% of swimming pool drowning deaths were children younger than 3 years old. "Children drowning has always been a serious issue.

"We always talk about car seat safety, immunizations, and so on. Water safety is just as important," said Kim Utley an ISR Instructor. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it takes a death to start talking about water safety. Water safety should be a concern wherever you are, it only takes seconds for a child to be in serious danger." said Kim Utley.

If you have a pool, live near a pond, or maybe you have a family member or friends who do, please take the time to put your toddlers through a class like ISR. You can get some classes right here in Shreveport offered through Willis Knighton, just click here for more info. 

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