Easter is coming up Sunday (a bit earlier than previous years) and kids will be in the yard in their Easter dresses and clothes searching it over for hidden Easter eggs while holding on to that basket filled with the fake green grass. The kids will find eggs filled with candy, little plastic toys, cash and other treasures. There's one thing that should be in all of those Easter baskets though, Peeps!

The yellow and sometimes pink, green or purple marshmallow sugary confection is pretty much a staple in all Easter baskets and they can be teamed up with the Peeps bunny too! The company that makes Peeps, Just Born Inc., says one billion Peeps will be born this year and they are actually producing about five million Peeps a day and this year the little creature is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The Peeps line has recently introduced the chocolate dipped Peeps and Peepsters which are small chocolate candies filled with marshmallow flavored cream and new this year, the little yellow chick is nestled in a hollow chocolate egg. Peeps are created in just six minutes as they ride down a conveyor belt in the factory in Bethlehem, PA. Ross Born, CEO of Just Born says, the Peep "goes through the decorator, and they get their Peeps-onality" and are born!

I remember getting Peeps in my Easter basket and they were great but at the same time they're a lot of fun too! Ever tried blowing one up in the microwave?!!  What did you do and what happened to your Peep in the microwave?  Let me know by commenting in the section below.