While the world is dealing with chaos in Afghanistan, the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Ida, and with COVID-19. But here in East Texas and specifically in Tyler there is another issue that is causing quite the reaction online, and that issue is PickleGate. While many people across the world might not believe this is a big deal, this topic has created 600+ comments on social media sites. The PickleGate scandal all started when one person went to rant online about only receiving one pickle slice on their Chick-fil-A.

The reactions online have been all over the place, who knew that this issue would create such a crazy storm of emotions. I will say I was impressed to see Chick-fil-A management jump on the post to try and make things right with the person who felt disappointed with the lack of pickle on the sandwich.

I Truly See Both Sides of PickleGate in East Texas

While many people will say this argument is ridiculous I will admit that this complaint came on a page called Rants, Raves, and Recommendations. So, while the complaint might sound petty, the whole basis of that social media page is to rant about certain topics and this person was obviously not happy with the amount of pickle on their sandwich.

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Are We Really Arguing About Pickles on a Chicken Sandwich?

Seriously, with all the issues in the world are we really getting angry about one pickle slice. There are people just a few hundred miles away that lost their home due to a hurricane and we are talking about pickles on a sandwich. Sometimes we need to slow down and count our blessings if this is the biggest complaint we have.

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