There has been some confusion surrounding one Starbucks location in Longview, TX. Is it closed down now? Is it closing for good? Is it closing temporarily? Let's get to the bottom of this, shall we?

Well, some good news if you were hoping for it to just be a temporary shutdown. Turns out the Starbucks at 3092 N Eastman Rd. will be closing their doors temporarily, beginning on February 28th and going through March 18th.

Heather W. share the following on the All Things Longview Facebook Group, "Starbucks on Eastman is NOT closing permanently. They will be closed temporarily, Feb 28-Mar 18th for a remodel."

She went on to give the store and employees a glowing review, "The staff are super sweet. I love that we have so many great coffee shop options in town and the are open again in the mornings at 5am."

I did make a call up to the location this afternoon and can confirm that they were open, and an employee was able to confirm what Heather posted is correct. So to be clear, the Starbucks on N. Eastman Rd is currently open for normal business up until Feb. 28th.

And hey, if you are looking for a few coffee options here in East Texas, we've got 'em. We recently learned that an Arkansas-based chain called 7 Brew is scheduled to open in Longview -- you can read more about that here.

And another popular chain, Dutch Bros. Coffee has its eyes on Gregg County, reports the Longview News-Journal. They're specifically looking at the spot where Liberty Baptist Church once stood on Loop 281.

And if you're looking for something local, Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee of Tyler will be 2313 East SE Loop 323 in front of the Green Acres Bowling Alley. And they offer up more than just fresh coffee; their menu sports tea options, espressos, sodas, smoothies, and more. They are independently owned and operated, are focused on standing out from most national chains that many are used to visiting.

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