If there's one thing Texans want, that's a break in what they're spending at the grocery store. Inflation and shrinkflation continue to cost Texas consumers more and more each day. One popular grocery store chain aims to bring lower prices to their customers every day.

In 2018, Aldi opened their first East Texas store on the west side of Tyler near Hwy. 31 on Loop 323. Since then the company has opened additional locations in Longview, Mt. Pleasant, Palestine, Paris, and an additional store in Tyler.

Aldi recently announced an aggressive expansion plan. The company plans on spending $9 billion by opening 800 new stores within the next five years. By the end of 2028 the southeast, midwest, and northeast could see many of these stores popping up.

Aldi recently acquired the Southeastern Grocers company and includes brands like Winn-Dixie and Harvey Supermarkets. The company plans on converting some of these locations over to the Aldi brand while expanding into markets in California, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

Aldi CEO Jason Hart says, "With this commitment to add 800 stores in the next five years, we'll be where our shoppers need us while positively impacting the communities we serve."

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There are no specific announcements about potential expansion locations at this time. We can only hope that Aldi re-evaluates and looks into expanding more in Texas. We can envision Aldi stores popping up in places like Jacksonville, Henderson, Sulphur Springs, Athens, and Lindale to name a few.

In the meantime as grocery store prices continue to rise so do the grocery store wars. Just recently Target announced they're lowering prices to regain some of their customers they lost to Walmart.

Instead of shopping at multiple stores to save money, let me do it in one place to save me time and the hassle!

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