While the name Tammin Sursok probably doesn't ring a bell, chances are you've seen her a time or two in numerous television shows. The actress has Hannah Montana and Young and the Restless on resume, but is known for her role as bad girl Jenna on the ABC Family smash Pretty Little Liars. Now Sursok and her husband of two years have made a very special announcement.

Sursok and her husband Sean McEwen confirmed the news yesterday after US Weekly published the story first. Tammin screenshot the article and put it on her Instagram and Twitter feed with the caption "Finally! Don't worry! Still shooting #pll. I wouldn't let you down! ". These words are definitely comforting for PLL fans such as myself. With season 4 premiering this week, Tammin will have plenty of time to be pregnant and take care of her bundle of joy.

Tammin made her film debut in 2006 in Aquamarine, which led to roles on Young and the Restless and a returning character on the hit Disney series Hannah Montana. She then was cast as bad girl Jenna Marshall on Pretty Little Liars which is currently in its fourth season. Tammin's character is part of the "A" Team who is out to sabatoge and kill the four main girls. Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8/7 central on ABC Family.

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