Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy
It was rumored last month that Jessica Simpson was pregnant with her second child, but she has never confirmed or denied the rumor until yesterday. Jessica Simpson tweeted a pic of her daughter Maxwell sitting in the sand with ivy leaves all around with the words Big Sis underneath her.
Is Jessica Simpson Really Pregnant?
I am gong to vote yes!  What do you think?  I was in Brookshire's over the weekend doing my shopping, waiting in line and catcing up on the gossip that was staring at me in the face.  Yes, I feel entitled to read the magazines while I'm waiting in line without paying for the…
Pic Of Pink Pregnant
Well, we know that Pink is pregnant but we haven't seen much of her lately, until now!  Perez Hilton has gotten his little hands on picture of her being very pregnant and taking a leisurely stroll.
See it for yourself after the jump.
Jewel Is Expecting
Jewel is now in her 2nd trimester and made the announcement on her first day of co-hosting a new reality show for Bravo!
"I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!" says Jewel to PEOPLE. "It was so hard to keep it a secret. I was worried I'd start throwing up on se…