How horrible would it be to come home hoping to cuddle up with your favorite pup and find it stolen from your yard? One man in Georgia found out how it feels this month. But, lucky for him he found them through Craigslist. 

Many odd advertisements can be found on Craigslist. Finding your stolen dogs must be at the top of that list of weird found on the site.

A man in Columbus, Georgia had just this experience. He came home to find the two dogs his niece and nephew had given to him a present stolen. He explains, "One night I went outside and went looking for the dogs and they were gone. The gates were open and the dogs were just disappeared." What a heartbreaking experience. I know if I came home to find my dog taken, I would be so devastated. I wouldn't know where to begin the search, but certainly wouldn't think to check Craigslist.

Looking for a new dog to heal his broken heart, the Columbus man logged on to Craigslist. After a while of perusing the listings, he found two dogs that looked too much like the ones taken from him. The thieves tried to be tricky though, "The ad read that the people had raised the dogs from puppies and they had papers on the dogs and which you can't get papers on dogs unless you are the actual owner." The dog owner knew that these were his dogs and that those that stole them were lying.

He confronted the thieves, but they denied the theft, so the Columbus police were contacted. This man patiently waits as the police investigate the issue, worried for his pets. Without knowing how the animals are being treated he can only hope that they are being properly cared for. He feels comfort that they will be because he recognizes that the thieves are trying to sell the pups for around $2,000. All he can do is wait and hope for the best.

If I had found my dogs on craigslist after being stolen, I would think about stealing them back. I realize that two wrongs do not make a right, but dogs are a part of the family. Liam Neeson would do the exact same thing if it was his dog and not daughter in that movie "Taken."

I hope that however he might be able to, this Columbus man gets his dogs back. How would you handle the situation?

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