For Walking Dead fans, it's always a discussion as to which character would we be in a zombie apocalypse. It's also a discussion about who wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse. Recent news of a cyber attack on a pipeline, and the reaction of people to that news, proves who wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse.

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One of the most annoying and face palming news during the last year or so is hoarding. Because of an unnecessary panic, people would go into a store and over buy an item leaving none for those who were being smart about their purchases. Toilet paper is the perfect example of this. There was no need for the excessive buying of the product last year which lead to an artificial shortage.

You can say the same thing has happened along the East coast the last couple of days. The Colonial Pipeline was the victim of a cyber attack last week that lead to them shutting down the pipeline as a precaution (

Well, that shutdown lead to people causing a fuel shortage when there wasn't one.

For some reason, people thought there was going to be a gas shortage because of this cyber attack and took a monkey see, monkey do attitude and rushed the gas stations. This rush to the gas station emptied those stations. The shutdown did slow deliveries but there was never going to be a point when fuel would run out. That was until people started panic buying.

This is the toxicity that comes from social media and, to a small extent, our news cycle. Someone posts something just to get a few likes that is over dramatic and full of untruths and people somehow, without using their brain, think it's the truth. The news media picks up on it and more people panic. And thus, an artificial crisis is born.

People, stop using social media as your new source. Common sense is in short supply, I get it, but just take half of a second to stop and think. The whole reason there was a gas shortage wasn't because of the cyber attack on the pipeline, the gas shortage was because people believed there was a crisis, when none ever existed, and ended up causing a crisis in the process. In other words, they screwed themselves.

This type of thinking is proof that most would not survive a zombie apocalypse.

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