With the way 2020 into 2021 is going, zombies wouldn't even shock me at this point.

Zombies have been scaring the crap out of us since the late 60s. After watching one of those movies or TV shows we have the thought. Could we survive a zombie apocalypse? The fine folks at Lawn Love have crunched the numbers and for us here in Texas, not good.


The highest ranking city for Texas is Frisco. It came in at number 22 on the list, which is pretty good. Then we start getting a lot lower with the other major Texas cities. Plano at 75, Corpus Christi at 79, Austin at 95. Then we have a bunch in the bottom 100 and even worse. Three in bottom ten for major cities. In fact, Laredo was ranked dead last at 200.


They took a look at things like people in good health in the state. Texas usually ranks pretty low on that list, not good. What about homes with bunkers or basements? Yeah, some Texans have storm shelters, but I know nobody that has a basement in Texas. Don't want the zombies climbing through the windows.


Things like hunting stores would be a big priority in the zombie apocalypse. Apparently Florida and California cities have more of those than us in Texas. At least methed out Florida man is well armed, but they're basically zombies already. Also having a lot of military bases helps out. At least here in Wichita Falls we have Sheppard, so bonus points for us.

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Apparently Huntington Beach, California is the best zombie survival city. I would want my back to an ocean if I was surviving a zombie apocalypse. You can check out the full breakdown and rankings here.

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