It's baaaack! People are panic buying and hoarding all the essential home toiletries again.

Just in time for the holidays, too!

There's nothing like needing a thing of toilet paper and then you get to the store and find the shelves looking like they've been taken over by The Nothing or The Walking Dead.

I can't stand y'all up in Aldi's and Brookshire's hogging up all the necessities and then the elderly and single parents can't find anything when they need it. I actually imagined that when I arrived at the store there would be a long line of people waiting to snatch the toilet paper rolls out of my hands. I was scared and even took a big, loud gulp as I turned my cart down the TP aisle.

Thankfully, since I had arrived at the store at 7 in the morning, it was right after employees had restocked the toilet paper--with only a dozen or so "MEGA" rolls available, however.

Toilet Paper Panic Buying
Reesha Cosby

There was even a sign with a limit of TWO reams per customer, so I grabbed two of the rolls and booked it to the checkout lane like I was on Supermarket Sweep or something!

I made a pit stop on my way to the cashier. You see, I had read something in the news yesterday that there was a possibility that Listerine can kill coronavirus germs. I know that it has not been a 100% fait accompli, but I didn't' want to take any chances of passing the Listerine up before it, too, was gone in a panic buying stampede.

I bought a zombie-sized thing of original Listerine and a small one of the Fresh Mint flavor, for added kicks.

I sure hope you can get you some before we all run out. Better yet, ask your friend that you know hoarded all of the stuff back in March!

If all else fails, UT Tyler has some ideas of what we can use if we run out of toilet paper!

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