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The Weather Channel gave it the name winter storm 'Uri' and we didn't know what an 'Uri' could do to us, but we found out though.

It's a few days past the six month mark when East Texas and much of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and other southern states experienced the coldest winter on record. In Tyler it dropped down to six below one night and set a new record for the lowest temperature ever recorded for Tyler. If you lived here and experienced it, it was a winter storm that you will never forget.

Not only did it snow like 8 - 10 inches and more in some areas, but we also experienced ice on the roads creating impassable roads, we lost power and water thanks to the failing power infrastructure. Residents were left with little choice but to ride it out in their 35 degree homes and hope and pray for the electricity and heat to come back. For some it didn't take long or they experienced rolling black out and for others, like myself, were without power for days.

With all of that mess though, there were some stunning and beautiful sights created - in the form of icicles. As we're now in the middle of August and temperatures are pretty warm, we're trying to find ways to keep cool. One way to do that is by taking a trip back to six months ago and looking at some of the stunning images that nature created in the form of icicles.

Hopefully we will not experience another winter like the winter of 2020, or as The Weather Channel puts it, Winter Storm Uri, but according to some forecasters we could be in for another harsh winter. It's time to get prepared.

175 Beautiful East Texas Icicles

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