If you've been following the path of panic that is the Coronavirus scare, you know that business, schools, and pretty much everyone else is doing everything they can to avoid catching this exotic and fast spreading virus.  It's so scary, people have even been washing their hands!

The situation has gotten so bad in Houston,  Rice University is now urging students to skip class in order to minimize the chance of catching and spreading the illness.  According to the Texas Tribune, an employee tested positive for the virus and officials want to ensure the safety of its staff and students.

The university is also reportedly preparing to deliver "the majority of its classes remotely if that should prove necessary."  In short, Rice officials are planning to make everything necessary for students to continue their studies accessible online very soon.  However, the campus itself is about to look like a ghost town.

Some small research groups will be allowed to continue their work on campus with special permission, but gatherings and parties of more than 100 people are prohibited through April 30.

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