East Texans are getting ready to say goodbye to 2015 and are getting set to usher in 2016.

With the excitement of a new year on the way, the New Year's Eve parties are happening and we all must be responsible.

We'll be gathering with friends and family to talk about the year, life, politics, play games, etc., and a lot of the time we'll consume a few adult beverages as we celebrate.

Please be responsible this New Year's Eve, and don't drink and drive. Drinking and driving can end up in tragedy and cause a lot of pain for a lot of people. Let's skip the tragedy and pain, enjoy the rest of 2015 and bring in 2016 in style.

Designate a driver tonight and anytime there's alcohol involved.

Just in case you haven't arranged a designated driver and you need assistance getting home, you can always call a cab! They'll get you there safely!

In Tyler, you can reach the Taxi Cab Co. of Tyler at 903-592-3232.

In Longview, you can call the Yellow Checker Cab of Longview at 903-753-2222.

You may also be able to arrange a ride using the Uber app from your smartphone (just download it from your device's app store).