K-9 units are very effective units for local police, sheriff's offices and state law enforcement. Even our military uses K-9s. These well trained dogs can take down any suspect without any hesitation or regards for their feelings. One New Mexico sheriff's office has decided to take things one step further, introducing a Feline Unit.

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Cats can be an aggressive breed. Sometimes, just simply touching them on their back can cause a bite on the arm. Cats will have no issue jumping at your face and applying a few swipes that can leave some painful marks. They have even been known to nibble on your fingertips while you are sleeping. No other breed embodies "I don't care" like a cat.

A rivalry could also be developing between the new Feline Unit and the K-9 unit. As is well known, dogs and cats do not get along. It makes for an awkward breakroom once a shift is completed.

Despite that, the San Juan Sheriff's Office in New Mexico realizes the benefits of having cats in an aggressive situation. They can use their highly effective sniffers to find the best hidden paraphernalia and are even small enough to maneuver into tight spaces. Cats are even naturally equipped with four very lethal feet with sharp claws. In some cases, cats even be equipped to shoot lasers.

So yes, cats can very useful members to any police force. Any police force that has the sense of humor to make use of the day of pranks, April Fools Day. Kudos to the San Juan Sheriff's Office for producing an entertaining video on their new "addition" to their force.

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