I've been on this rant before, but it seems everyone has and one Senator is fed up with it to the point of wanting to increase fines for it. I'm talking about slow drivers in the left lane.

Nearly everyone I know has a strong opinion on this - yet there is a law about traveling slowly in the left (passing) lane already in place in Texas. According to Texas Hill Country, traveling slowly in the left lane on Texas highways can cost you up to  $500 fine. The only problem is, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone actually being pulled over for this.

South Carolina State Senator Ross Turner wants to essentially copy Oklahoma's new legislation, which would increase the fine by $200. Don't increase the fine - that's not the issue here.

In my opinion, a $500 fine is more than enough. To me, the reason why seemingly EVERYONE in Texas chills at 60-70 mph in the left lane is because there are no consequences. Who's gotten pulled over for this?



Please, just do us all a favor. If you're not passing vehicles or driving slower than the speed of traffic, move to the right lane. That long line of headlights behind you will thank you for it.

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