Let's take a speed test: what is the FASTEST you've ever driven in Texas?

Everything in Texas has to be bigger, better, and "badder" than every other state, so driving fast is nothing new to us. In some places in Texas, the maximum speed limit is 85 mph, which means that some jackass is probably doing 95 in the fast lane. Most other states will run between a speed limit of 65 or 70. You can do 80 in Oklahoma, I know because my brother lives there. I bet he drives like a maniac sometimes! HA!

As for me, I drive like a little old lady and do the ACTUAL speed limit. It's not because I'm all that old or because I'm scared of driving next to big rigs. It's because I hate getting speeding tickets and I hate being pulled over by the state patrol for any reason whatsoever. They ain't getting me!



You can easily Google to find out that the state speed limit in Texas is 70 mph on a typical highway. You can use Waze or Google Maps if you have an Android and sometimes it will display what the speed limit is on your GPS map. Oh, I love using that handy tool. It even shows you how fast your car is driving so that you can make sure you're not a Speeding "Delta Demon" (that's a throwback to the ole Opryland Theme Park of yesteryear if you've ever been on the Screamin' Delta Demon water splash ride).

Do you remember the days when the speed limit used to hover around 55 mph? Ugh, no wonder it would take so long to get from one side of Texas to the other. We invented "driving for days" here in Texas, I think. Don't quote me on that.

I just checked and the fastest my little PT Cruiser will go is about 110 mph, but there's no way in HALE I'm going to push it to that limit! I found a map on Reddit that shows what other states' speed limits are compared to Texas. You can view it here.

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