The Summer Olympics are being held in London in about a month and here in the U.S. Olympic trials are going on all around the country and the teams are coming together.  The track team trials are being held in Eugene, OR and an unprecedented thing happened over the weekend in the women's 100m.

With 1st and 2nd places determined there was just one spot left, but in this case there were two qualifiers for 3rd place.  The 3rd and 4th runners crossed the finish line at the same exact time resulting in a tie for 3rd place.  After reviewing all the high tech camera shots and the timing system, judges were still unable to announce a 3rd place finisher.

Track officials went into a closed door meeting to come up with an answer to this unprecedented problem.

The runners that tied for 3rd place in the women's 100 meter are Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh and now they have to decided on how to settle this tie.  The USA Track and Field commission has come up with two tie breaking alternatives for the runners.  They can simply flip a coin to determine the winner or race again in a runoff.

The ladies also have to run head to head in the women's 200 meter on Saturday and how this race finishes up could help determine which method they will go with to determine 3rd place in the 100 meter.

Now, since the runners have the choice to determine which method to use, if there is a tie (one voting coin toss and one voting run off) they will run in a run off.  The federation is leaving the decision up to them, but they have to make a decision by Sunday.


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