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I was making my usual grocery store run to one of the biggest grocery stores on the planet this past weekend in Tyler, Texas and it seems as if nearly every time I go to this brand of store they are out of something I need. Many times it's more than one thing, it's usually several items. Some of these out-of-stock items are everyday essentials while others aren't quite as necessary and can wait. No matter the case, it's frustrating to go for something and the store shelf is empty, oftentimes for a couple of weeks.

This isn't the middle of 2020 with the pandemic breathing down our necks. We experienced quite a bit during that year with product shortages and supply chain issues. We had a run on toilet paper (of all things), PPE, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, bicycles and so much more. We even had a short-lived coin shortage at one point. A year later, stores still had issues keeping brown sugar, tampons, certain chips, Siracha, and baby formula in stock. Then there was (and still is) a shortage of computer chips for new vehicles.

The age of having everything readily available to us and in stock is in the past. It's something I've come to accept and the fact that I'll never be able to go to the grocery store again and mark every single thing off the shopping list! Shortages are now, for some reason, a fact of our lives.

Since I'm experiencing this often, I went down the rabbit hole, thanks to Google, and discovered that we could experience even more shortages as this year goes on.

Well into 2023, we could see the following items becoming more scarce at our local grocery stores thanks to Mother Nature and political forces at play around the world. Don't go out hoarding these items, but you might want to keep a bit extra on hand. Just leave some for others.

A bit of good news though, the egg shortage that we experienced during the first quarter of 2023 seems to be a thing of the past as egg supplies are rebounding and the price of a dozen eggs is coming back down to a more affordable level.

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