We've all seen reports of all kinds of shortages and limited availability of some products over the last year but this particular shortage could be a HUGE blow to Texans but you've probably noticed it if you've been in a convenience store lately or your favorite Taqueria.

If you've lived in Texas for awhile then you know that Topo Chico is a favorite and beloved drink for hot Texas summers and it goes very damn good with your favorite Mexican dishes but according to KXAN, the popular mineral water is in tight supply and there's a shortage of the drink due to "high customer demand" and "a shortage of raw materials" according to a spokesman.

In short, there's more DEMAND than SUPPLY and I'm quite sure these HOT humid temps are causing everybody to grab those green or clear bottles which, when you're HOT, look wonderful and delicious when cold.

While the company didn't say what raw materials they were short on, a supply chain expert in the report says that a GLASS shortage could also be one of the reasons for the shortage. Also, shipping delays and factory shutdowns due to the pandemic has put everyone behind and there's really nothing much anyone can do about it but wait it out.

Topo Chico has been exclusively sourced from Cerro del Topo Chico in northern Mexico since 1895 and according to FoodBev.com, 70% of Topo Chico sales are in Texas alone, so you may have to revert back to regular old fashioned H2O until things get back on track.


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