I recently ordered a Topo Chico at my favorite Mexican food restaurant. It came to the table in an untraditional plastic bottle, and I didn't give it a second thought.

Though I like it in the conventional glass bottle, I'm not a stickler, and it was bubbly and cold as predicted. The reason it came in that kind of bottle could be that my favorite sparkling mineral water is in short supply.

According to KXAN NBC Austin, there was a shortage last year and now we are suffering the same fate once again. You can't have a proper ranch water cocktail without Topo Chico.

Topo Chico is Now Owned By Coca Cola

I have always thought of Topo Chico as a bubbly, refreshing, no calorie substitute for soda. I usually just order it at restaurants when I am wanting something besides water.

Though Topo Chico is a Texan favorite, it is an adopted beverage made in Monterrey, Mexico. The beverage still comes from the same spring it always has, but now has the marketing power of Coca-Cola behind it.

According to Forbes the brand was purchased by Coca-Cola in 2017 for $220 million. Since then they have launched a successful hard seltzer offshoot that has done well for the company.

Topo Chico Shortage Could Be Due To Texas Heat Wave

According to the New York Times, Monterrey, Mexico is in a severe drought. This could be the shortage of raw materials that Coca-Cola representatives mentioned in a recent statement.

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When the rains return to Monterrey, hopefully things will be back to normal for Topo Chico.

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