It's pretty easy to hate a trip to the DMV; so combine that with the stress of having to take a driver's exam (or  your kid having to take one), and it's just that much worse. On the list of driver's exam requirements in Texas are backing in a straight line, changing lanes with a turn signal, turning, among other things. Then there's the dreaded parallel parking. Here's the question: should parallel parking be a requirement on the Texas driver's exam?

In Nevada, state driving officials have removed the parallel parking portion of driver tests. Why? Because it led to too many retests.

According to KTNV, Kevin Malone, public information officer with the Nevada DMV, released the following statement about the change:

"Testing of the parking skills needed is met by the requirements of entering, and backing out of, a perpendicular parking space and by other vehicle control requirements. We believe this change makes our drive tests safer and we are still able to maintain the integrity of our mission, putting safe drivers on the road."

Should Texas follow suit? Right now, if you or someone you know were to fail the driver's test, they can retake it another 2 times within 90 days of the first test without having to repay the testing fee. If you fail the test all three times or exceed the 90-day limit you will be required to pay another $24 application fee.

Florida, California and Colorado, have all also removed parallel parking from their skills tests.

Personally, I say kick the parallel parking requirement Texas! What do you think?

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