To everyone that has an Apple device listen up because I got some very important information for you.

Getting pulled over by the police is an uneasy feeling especially with stories of unarmed African American men being shot and trust me having flashing lights behind you can be a very tense moment for both individuals.

According to Fortune, iPhone users can now use their device to record police interactions with a new shortcut called “Police.”

Siri can secretly record audio if you are pulled over by police or any other law enforcement officer.

Here’s how it works.  When you are pulled over by the police just tell Siri,

Hey Siri, I’m being pulled over.

Once that happens, Siri will go into Do Not Disturb mode and prevent notifications from coming through, lower the screen brightness, pause your music, and send a message to your designated contact with your exact location, and record through your phone’s camera.

To download the shortcut click here.

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