I've officially heard it all.  You can now pay to snuggle with another person. That's right. Snuggle.

Need a hug, but don't have anyone to give you one? Well, if you're in Penfield, N.Y., Jackie Samuel is ready to help, for a fee of course. Jackie has launched The Snuggery because, as she describes it on the website, she believes in the healing power of touch.

Just be sure to bring your wallet. It's $50 for 45 minutes of quality snuggle time, $60 for 60 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes.

However, be warned that there is absolutely no nudity or sex! Jackie doesn't play that way.

And apparently snuggling is healthy, too. Studies have shown (can you believe someone has studied snuggling) that snuggling lowers stress and blood pressure ... who knew?

Check it out.