Trying to drink more water in 2018? There's an app for that, and smart water bottles, too!

I'm pretty old school when it comes to water intake tracking. I use tick marks on a post-it note, or write numbers in sharpie on the top of discarded bottle lids. I've found that if I can drink eight 16 oz bottles of water each day that I feel better and stay hydrated. It's my goal, and most days I reach it.

If you struggle with getting your water intake to a higher level, now technology can help you! There are multiple apps that help you track your water intake for free, if you remember to use them. Daily Water, iDrated and Waterlogged are just a few of the free apps.

Looking for more assistance, maybe you should try a smart water bottle?

I stumbled across the Hidrate Spark while scrolling through Facebook. It caught my attention, because it lights up! It lights up to remind you to drink, and to celebrate when you meet your goal. It also syncs with your iOS devices like iphone and apple watch.

A friend who has been tracking her water intake, stumbled onto this low tech version, Hydr8. It has lines with times marked on the 32 oz jug to help you remind you throughout the day to consume the amount by the time marked.

Thermos has a design with a smart lid that connects to your apple device and helps track your intake, too. It has charts and graphs to help you keep up with your daily, weekly and monthly intake. This battery last for 12 days, before needing to be recharged.

Another smart bottle to try would the H20 Pal. It's got a pretty steep price tag, but it's glass bottle and it connects with your iphone and apple watch. It tracks your intake and sends you reminders to drink more to get to your goal.

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