By RUSS BYNUM and BRYNN ANDERSON The Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) — Police video from the fatal shooting of a black man after a failed sobriety check in Atlanta shows a largely peaceful encounter that lasts 40 minutes before spiraling into violence.

Rayshard Brooks was shot by officers outside a Wendy's restaurant where he was found sleeping in a car blocking the drive-thru lane.

Atlanta police said Sunday the department fired Officer Garrett Rolfe and has taken Officer Devin Brosnan off patrol duty. Body camera footage shows Brooks cooperating and telling officers they're just doing their job. But when they try to handcuff him, Brooks tries to run. They wrestle on the ground and Brooks grabs a Taser before attempting to flee. Three gunshots soon follow.

Rolfe said afterward Brooks fired the Taser at him.

Warning: Video contains disturbing images and sound. Viewer discretion is advised.

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