Student loan debt is a real issue here in America. It's the second highest consumer debt right behind mortgages. It's no wonder why college grads are struggling to make ends meet and to find ways to refinance this burdensome debt. I guess I was pretty fortunate not to accumulate student loan debt while I was in college earning my communications degree. It was a lot of hard work, not only in school, but a lot of hours put in on the workforce to pay for school as i went along. I often joke that I was on the six year plan to earn a four year degree, but that didn't bother me. I understand that different students have different needs and different ways to pay for a college education.

OnePoll conducted a study of 1000 under- and post-graduate degree holders, on the behalf of Splash Financial, and found that 89% see their debt as a financial burden. Many of those polled say they have sacrificed in many other ways because of this financial burden, like not attending a family members wedding, traveling for the family gathering at the holidays and skipping social events.

It seems graduates will go an extra step to wipe away their student load debt too. According to the survey, graduates would do the following:

51% Shaving ones’ head
49% Walk to work for a month
40% Never have caffeine again
40% Relive high school over again
40% No time off from work for a year
39% Spend a week in jail

The New York Post also published student's emotions about student debt:

41% Overwhelmed

40% Annoyed

39% Confident

8% Indifferent

Splash Financial
Splash Financial

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