CBS’ Supergirl has had surprising difficulty getting Season 2 off the ground, a decision magnified by recent talk that CBS might seek either a reduced order, or potential move to The CW. Such a shift was considered unlikely at first, but now seems like a moderate possibility as the renewal deadline looms.

Per Deadline (the outlet, not the concept), CBS has reportedly intensified conversations to move Supergirl Season 2 to The CW, following initial talks that production might move from Los Angeles to Vancouver to save costs. The network reportedly has until late Wednesday for a full decision, but as with other network series, talks may end up delayed to hammer out a deal before network upfronts.

Previously, the dropoff in viewership over Season 1 (13 million viewers for the pilot, about half that by the finale) raised concerns for the series, which hasn’t matched the $3 million per-episode license tag. Other networks and digital platforms have also reportedly expressed interest in picking up a second season.

Whether on The CW or not, a move to Vancouver would at least place Supergirl in easier crossover range with Arrow and The Flash. Should Supergirl move to The CW, might we expect any cast changes or serious budget crunches to alter the show?

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