Do you hold any bizarre superstitions? It seems in Texas we not only have our own, but we adopt Tall Tales and have our own folklore society.

Some people avoid black cats and walking under ladders, up north they tell the tale of Paul Bunyan, and writers like Washing Irving fabled the Legend of Sleep Hollow.

In Texas, we strike an axe into the ground to stop thunderstorms, avoid killing horned lizards to keep the cow's milk flowing, and attempt to ward of snakes with ropes of horse hair.

Our Lone Star State has its own identity, and yes things do seem to be bigger in Texas.

We even have our own Tall Tale Legend, Pecos Bill who roped an entire herd in one lasso, and managed to ride a cyclone. The stories continue to be told in our friendly state, as the Texas Folklore Society meets for the 101st time this year in Tyler, TX.

The meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn on South Broadway and will include the annual 'Hootenanny' on Friday night, reading of papers and a banquet on Saturday. This year the society will tour the Tyler Rose Garden and Municipal Museum.

All sessions are open to the public.

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