Top Four Pumpkin-Flavored Items of the Season
If you've been sort of ho-hum about all of the pumpkin spice offerings so far this fall and have yet to discover a favorite, wrap your mouth around any one of these top four items and your taste buds are going to light up. Pumpkin spice peanut butter? Yes!
What is the Autumnal Equinox?
For all practical purposes, fall probably started three weeks ago with the pumpkin spice world takeover. That's more noticeable than this scientific equinox stuff anyway.
Top 5 Body Health Tips For the Cooler Weather
As the weather cools down, we all need to make sure we make it through healthy and happy. The weather change means our bodies will need a few things added to the daily regime to keep up. Here are a handful of things to make sure you are doing from the Autumn season leading into winter.