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The 20 Most Popular Baby Names Of 2014
Father Time is about to make his way off of the 2014 calendar to make way for Baby New Year and 2015, but before we say goodbye to 2014, BabyCenter has released its annual list of the most popular names for the year.
Would You Ever Name Your Child ‘Hashtag?’
Seriously. The name Hashtag is on the list of baby name possibilities in 2013, according to one website.
I did grow up in Nebraska with a boy named Tag. Perhaps Tag's parents were just ahead of the curve, and knew that someday Twitter would keep conversations going with that # symbol, and the hashtag…
Top Baby Names of 2012 Revealed
America has a fascination with boys' names that end in the letter N.
And with girls' it's all the rage to end the name with an A.
Babycenter has revealed their Top 100 Baby Names of 2012, and judging by the list, kindergarten classes in five years will be well-populated with Aidens and …
10 Baby Name Ideas For Celebrities
There was some confusion over what Beyonce and Jay-Z named their little bundle of joy, but in the end the couple went with the celebrity staple of choosing a non-traditional moniker, in this case calling her Blue Ivy Carter.
In that spirit, we thought it’d be a good idea to suggest some potential bab…
Top Baby Names
Had a baby recently?  If so, there is a decent chance you named it Edward, Bella or Jacob.  Why?  Because according to a story from VOA, baby names are faddish and popular culture influences you more than you realize.  So in 5 years when all the girls in Kindergarten are named Ga…

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