First of all, to all the mamas that grinded through a pregnancy in the midst of a pandemic - I salute you. I had my baby girl in 2019, and the sheer amount of strength it takes to make it through all of the ups and (just temporary) downs of pregnancy, throwing 2020 craziness of top of it makes you a superstar.

To those wonderful husbands, boyfriends, and strong men that step up to plate and support this wonder woman, props to you too. It truly can take a village.

While you're navigating having your child, you're also responsible for the duty that is picking out their name. The name they will live with for the rest of their life. The name that will be on their high school diploma, job resumes, and that lower third bar on Monday Night Football. It's truly a responsibility we shouldn't take lightly.

This year, the top girl and top boy names shouldn't surprise you. In fact, the top girl name has reigned supreme for 11 years in a row! Just know if you named your kid either of these names, chances are they won't be the only one in their kindergarten class.

According to Baby Center, the list of names for 2020 reflect a year of loss and political divisiveness. Kobe shot up 175% after Kobe Bryant was tragically killed in a helicopter accident this year. Kamala (up 104%) and Liberty (up 12%) rose in popularity, while Karen and Chad declined by 13% and 12% respectively.

Let's see if you made a popular choice, or if you just have unique and AWESOME taste in baby names!

Top 50 baby names of 2020

You can check out the full list up to 100 right here.

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