black friday

Black Friday Sale Madness [VIDEO]
We all love a good sale, especially when it comes to buying things for Christmas, but in my opinion these Black Friday sales have gone way to far and are definitely not worth the hassle any longer.
5 Reasons to Be Kind to Anyone Working This Black Friday
Black Friday is in just a few days. The day of massive sales, long lines, and a generally frantic attitude is upon us. Just a day after we all give thanks for all that we have, we crowd in our local stores to rampage for the best deal. During this chaotic day, we need to remember to be kind to those…
Black Friday At A Dollar Store [VIDEO]
A week ago East Texans were camping outside of the big box retailers trying to get their hands on the best deals for Black Friday.  They were looking to save money on electronics, toys and more and to do that many had to wait in long lines to get the savings, but imagine if you in a Black Frida…

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