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Lance Armstrong Announces Retirement (Again)
Lance Armstrong says he's quitting cycling, the sport he once dominated, and this time it's for good.
Still, cycling enthusiasts are wondering if he's really serious, or if Armstrong's being like Brett Favre, always retiring only to come back for one more try at glory.
Brett Favre Retiring From Football? [VIDEO]
Retirement rumors have swirled around Minnesota Vikings star Brett Favre a few times before, but this time, they might actually be true. Sources have told FOX Sports that Favre has filed retirement papers that would end his 20 year career in the NFL. FOX' s coverage after the jump:
Favre Doesn’t Have All The Right Moves
Man, this guy can't get away with anything. Brett Favre decided to bust some awesome dance moves (we're talking Vanilla Ice caliber stuff here, folks) and instead of saving his reputation, it ends up on YouTube and we all laugh. Tough break.
Brett Favre Retires
Brett Favre, Star quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings announced his retirement on Sunday, January 2nd. Even though throughout his 325 career games with the Packers, Jets and Vikings, a total of 21,208,946 fans paid to watch him throw a pass in person, according to STATS LLC. That's more than…