Lance Armstrong says he's quitting cycling, the sport he once dominated, and this time it's for good.

Still, cycling enthusiasts are wondering if he's really serious, or if Armstrong's being like Brett Favre, always retiring only to come back for one more try at glory.

Lance's first retirement was announced right after he won his 7th Tour de France back in 2005.  That retirement lasted about three years.  In 2009, he once again raced in the Tour de France and took home 3rd place.  Then last year he ended up in 23rd place at the age of 39 he says this about his placement,

"I have no regrets about last year, either,The crashes, the problems with the bike - those were things that were beyond my control." (Associated Press)

Citing the reason that he's retiring and will not be un-retiring again is that he wants to spend time with his children.

Once considered squeaky clean, Armstrong has been recently dogged by allegations that he was doping during some of his races. That accusation came from former U.S. teammate Floyd Landis, a Tour de France champ who gave up his crown after admitting to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Do you think he'll stay retired this time or pull a Favre?

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