Red Cross Helps Flood Victims
Much of the flood waters in Kilgore, Henderson and Longview's residential areas have receded leaving behind a wet and muddy disaster in homes throughout the cities. The clean up effort is already underway and with dryer weather on the horizon, it'll kick into high gear this weekend.
Flood Clean Up Is Costly
The power of water is amazing. The devastation that flood waters cause is unimaginable. East Texans are unfortunately living through this unimaginable experience right now. Entire neighborhoods in Kilgore, Henderson and Longview were submerged by flood waters Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. No…
Crazy Things I Found In My Desk
When you have the same desk (or cubical) for a number of years you don't realize how much stuff you accumulate in your desk drawers! I found out just how much stuff is in the six drawers of my desk here at the radio station!
Closet-Cleaning Time
Spring cleaning time has arrived, and if it's time to clean out your closet, I've got some good tips on how to decided which things to keep and which to toss.