Texas is Getting Its Butt Kicked By Other States
We love Texas unconditionally, right?  That's good.  Because, to put it nicely, other states are superior in the way they handle certain essential things like roads and jobs, and we've landed at the bottom in several categories.  Plainly speaking, we're getting our…
Walmart to Close 269 Stores, Nearly 30 in Texas
Wal-Mart has announced plans to close 269 stores across the U.S. and globally.  According to a press release, officials with Wal-Mart indicated that after assessing their portfolio for 2015, there was a need for these closures to ensure Wal-Mart remains a healthy business.
Walmart May Take Over Grocery Store Site
We may have another grocery shopping option soon in Tyler.
Right now the site of the old Albertsons store at Troup Highway and Loop 323 in East Tyler is still vacant.
But that may change soon. Who's moving in?

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