Three Reasons Why Today is Okay [VIDEO]
It is Friday and the first of the month, this means today has a lot expected of it. Today has to set the mood for the weekend and the entire month. Well guys, I think everything is going to be okay. Why? These videos will prove why today is okay.
‘Friday’ Could Become Major Payday for Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black is apparently turning what some are calling the "worst song ever" into huge profits.
Forbes writer Chris Barth recently took a look at the digital sales and video streams for her now infamous (but admittedly catchy) song 'Friday.' Thus far, the video has over 30 million stream…
Not Everyone Loves “Friday”.
Media outlets are calling the viral video hit the "worst music video ever". Four weeks ago, no one had heard of 13 year old Rebecca Black. Now she is a web sensation.  You haven't seen or heard of the video "Friday"? Well, here it is.