Friday's are 'Feel Good Friday's' on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and this Friday was an especially Feel Good Friday.

Members of KiddNation call in to the show to let the cast know what's making them feel good on a Friday morning. This morning we learned about a bus driver that went out of their way to get their child to school unlike what Big Al did with a group of kids when he was a school bus driver! Other members were feeling good about the inlaws keeping the three year old for the night, graduation excitement, a surprise arrival from one dad who was home from deployment and then there's Mike who's moving into his new home that he built by himself!

There are many more including one woman who was very proud of her wedding dress' arrival and then a mom who is proud of her son, who is a police officer, who helped save some children from an apartment fire before the fire department arrived. Listen to all these 'Feel Good Friday' stories and see the dramatic video below.

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