It is Friday and the first of the month, this means today has a lot expected of it. Today has to set the mood for the weekend and the entire month. Well guys, I think everything is going to be okay. Why? These videos will prove why today is okay. 

1. Jack the Giant Slayer 
Jack the Giant Slayer is a movie that was released today into theaters. There are many reasons why you should be excited about this movie. One, it is playing in 3D. Two, it is a remake of the classic Jack & the Beanstalk story. Three, it looks like the most fun you could have in the theater today.

2. Having a good laugh.
This compilation video of some of the world's best news interviews will definitely make you laugh. These people are so very silly, your gut might burst from all of the giggling. Ending your week with a smile.

3. The kindness of a stranger.
It is important to take time out to lend a helping hand. It will help you and others around you feel better, making the world a little bit of a better place. Start off your weekend and new month with this kindness influence.

I wish you all the merriest of weekends and a successful and happy March!

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