The Many Voices Of Kidd
Kidd Kraddick created tons of characters throughout his years as host of his morning show, Kidd Kraddick In The Morning. Today, July 27th, marks the fourth anniversary of his death and this morning the cast took a trip down memory lane and revisited quite a few of Kidd's characters
J-Si's Creepy Video
The viral stop motion animated movie titled 'Hi Stranger' was an inspiration for J-Si, but his wife will not let him release what he created!
J-Si’s Super Bowl Bet With His Wife Kinsey
Kinsey was like quite a few of us and believed Atlanta was going to win the Super Bowl based upon their early scores and she was ready to leave the Super Bowl party that she and J-Si were attending, but J-Si wanted to stay until the end of the game so he made a little be with his wife and now, they …
Kinsey’s DIY Projects For J-Si
J-Si's wife Kinsey has been inspired lately and she's taken on several DIY projects, but J-Si is a little hesitant when it comes to doing a little remodeling of their home.

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