The English language is one of the most complicated languages in the world to learn, just ask anyone who's converted from a different language!

One word in the English vocabulary caused a pretty big disagreement between J-Si and his wife Kinsey. Both J-Si and Kinsey were honorary chair people for a charity event this past weekend. Holding this position meant they had to get in front of the charity and make a speech, something to which Kinsey isn't too comfortable with. As J-Si was preparing a speech for the event he practiced it in front of his wife before going to the event. J-Si made it a few words into the speech when Kinsey busted out laughing when he mispronounced a word! He was convinced he was saying it right and she was convinced he was incorrect. She threatened him by saying if he pronounced the word that way she would walk off the stage! Find out what word caused all the controversy and how J-Si eventually pronounced the word during the speech in today's best of video clip!

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