Coffee Can Prevent The Quarantine Weight Gain
Sometimes we read things that should be accepted without question, and this could be one of those times. Drinking up to four cups of coffee per day can keep the lockdown pounds off. Fantastic! This is some news we can use.
New Study Says Impulsive People Weigh More
We all know eating too much and moving too little can add a little extra around the waist. But can your personality lead to weight gain too?
A new study published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says it’s possible.
Three researchers from the US Department of Health and Human Servic…
Adele Talks Weight
In the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, Adele is on the cover and there’s also a feature story inside about her.  In it, she speaks about not being interested in other people’s concerns over her weight, and a little while ago, she told Vh1 something along thos…