Texas is known for many things, the Dallas Cowboys, the Alamo, bluebonnets, Buc-ee's with their bathrooms you can dine in. One thing that you wouldn't think Texas would be known for is for the world's first serial killer. It is believed that is the case with a series of murders that took place over a year in the late 1880's in Austin, Texas. Those murders were never solved. If you're feeling adventurous this spring or summer, you can take a walking tour of Austin that retraces the killer's footsteps.

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The Murders in Austin

The date, December 30, 1884. The place, the small town of Austin, Texas. Mollie Smith was hit 24 times with an ax, one blow going into her ear. It was said she looked like she had been attacked by a wild animal. Sounds like a scary tale to tell around the campfire. Nope. It is the beginning of what is considered America's first serial killer. Over the next year, eight people were brutally killed. He or she was never apprehended.

Walk the Path of the Midnight Assassin

The story of the "Midnight Assassin" is recreated in through a walk of Austin with Walking Tours of Austin according to kvue.com. The tours take place every weekend.

Ok, so this isn't just a tour to scare you. It's also a great way to learn about the early days of our state's capitol. The tour guide, Jim Miles, is actually a history teacher by day. He says that a majority of the people that take the tour are from Austin and just want to know more.

So if this is your thing, check out Walking Tours of Austin and book a tour one weekend.

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